Saturday, October 1, 2016

MS Project 2013 and 2016, What is new!

MS Project 2013 and 2016, What is new!

MS project is one of the greatest project management applications, and one of the products that Microsoft is proud off. That is why Microsoft keep committed to this application by keeping improving it every day.

MS project kept evolving from 2010 to 2016 and will keep evolving. The nice thing here is that if you mastered the MS project 2010, then it is very easy to master the 2016 and beyond as the structure of the application; main features; workflow, and the built logic are the same and didn’t change but rather enhanced.

So when you see project 2013 or project online or project 2016 don’t get lost; it is all about where and how do you want to implement the MS project. Microsoft made these editions to make your life easier as you are adapting the most appropriate version for you, your work environment, and your team knowledge.

What is new in 2013
Microsoft kept the same interface and same structure as project 2010 so if you are familiar with 2010 version you will have no problem with 2013 version. Three main improvements:
Now you can access the report section from the ribbon.
Great reporting capability where you don’t have to leave the MS project to create nice looking and informative reports, now all is done inside the project.
Very powerful graphical reports covers all your project aspects.
Pre-installed ability to compare projects, do dashboards, and to export to Visual Reports.
           Task paths
No it is very easy to locate any task’s predecessors and successors. By clicking on a specific task, all of its predecessor tasks show up in one color and all of its successor tasks show up in another color.

Integration and Sharing
Just hover over the name and you will be able to contact him via skype, email, or start an IM session.
From any MS Office products, you can copy from or to the project.
Access your project from anywhere with Project 2013 online. Project Online 2013 is a web app that has a
All Project 2013 functionalities.

What is new in 2016

New Reports section
Project Server 2013 backwards-compatibility
Perfect integration with other Microsoft products,
User friendly
Improved appearance of user interface items
Multiple timelines
Now user can create multiple timeline bars and custom date ranges in a single view
Great feature to improve the coordination between Project Manager and Resource Manager

Uses the new Office query 'tell me what you want to do’ to get instant help and support