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Be Prepared for the PMP Certification Exam

Be Prepared for the PMP Certification Exam
by John P. Reiling

Whatever may be your reason in taking the Project Management Certification Exam, you are required to answer it within four hours. Some of you might think it is just for fun but do not take this test lightly. This exam is a difficult exam and you should be serious about it. And if you pass this test, this will open doors of great job opportunities for you.

To get greater chances in passing the test:
  • Take PMP examination training lessons. These lessons are sort of reviews. You must first study all about the project management. Usually, individuals who chose to take this certification exam should have some managerial skills. If you still haven't gotten one, better hurry because the more you'll delay, the more competitive it would come. And the great thing is you are not required to have a degree in college to qualify to take the exam. Just acquire every requirement and you will be able to take the exam.
  • Mock Exam Questionnaires. If you want to experience the environment during the exam first, you could use these sample questions. With this, practice answering all of them within 4 hours and evaluate yourself where you are strong and weak. Polish those weaknesses until they became your strong point during the test. After the PMP training, apply what you have learned with this exercise. If you are able to pass this mock test, you will surely feel confident that you will pass the actual examination. And if ever you pass the test, a lot of great employers will directly employ you and because you are certified, you will receive a great deal of pay. But before thinking about these benefits, focus first on how to pass this difficult exam.
  • PMP Prep Course. If you desire to pass, you should attend a PMP prep course. This program will help you in enhancing your PMP skills and widen up your knowledge about project management and how to apply them especially that the exam is usually situational problems. Aside from preparing for the exam, these lessons will also be applied after this test, during your actual exposure with project tasks and leading project teams.

PMP Training offers Project Management Professionals a proper application of the knowledge they taught to them and mold them into an expert in project management. They will help you prepare on how to pass the PMP exam. The Project Management Institute (PMI) who made this examination has a goal in creating experts in Project Management that is able to meet the criteria measures worldwide.

Before taking a PMP Prep Course, you need to choose an institution that is approved by the PMI. These institutions meet the PMI standard so you can be sure that they will teach you everything you need to know and you won't be wasting your time and money for nothing. They can be both online or offline.

If you choose online, it will be more convenient because you are going to take the course from the comforts of your own home. The PMP materials can be downloaded so there's not much hassle.

In choosing offline or in-person lectures, you will experience a classroom setting, communicating with other applicants and the PMP instructor personally. This is also good but the problem is the PMP materials will be more expensive than those that can be downloaded.
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PMP Exam Questions Types

The types of questions that you can expect to see on the exam:

Scenario-based questions will describe some kind of a scenario or event in a project and follow up with a question about it.

Formula-based questions will give you a mathematical problem to which you need to apply the appropriate formula.

Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs-based questions will ask you to identify the one answer which fits (or doesn't fit) with the others.

Definition-based questions will ask you to select the correct definition for a term.
It is quite normal that all four of the answers look correct. It is your challenge to select the best one.

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Prepare for the PMP Exam by Taking Sample Exams

One of the most important activities for your PMP Exam Prep is to take mock exams. Be sure that you do this only after reading the PMBOK Guide at least once. Also remember that failing mock quizzes does not mean you will fail the PMP exam. Online sample exams should be used as a progress indicator in your preparation. Nothing more.

Most students tell me that they repeated their sample exams again and again until they were satisfied with the results. There is a danger in that approach: when you take the same sample exam again and again you will start to remember the questions. You will remember that you answered B in your last attempt, and that the correct answer is C. This means your result will improve every time you repeat the same sample exam.

But on the PMP Exam you only have one chance!

So my recommendation is this: Sign up for an online PMP Exam simulator. This simulator will cost you some additional money, but their two major benefits are that they offer a large number of questions & quizzes that you can take (no repetition!) and they allow you to test yourself in an environment that closely resembles the actual PMP Exam.

Therefore, go beyond searching for free PMP Exam questions on the internet and use the professional tools that are available to you.

Check out this great PMP exam simulator

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PMP Exam-A few good study activities:

Get your PMP certificate:

One of the more important steps in preparing for the PMP exam is to schedule you exam date as soon as you meet all the eligibility requirements. This will give you a specific date toward which you can work.

A few good study activities:

  • Read the PMBOK twice. You can’t just memorize the PMBOK and pass
    the exam. You must understand how each of the Pod MBOK’s processes, along with
    their inputs, outputs, and tools and techniques would be applied in real live
    project situations.
  • · Read the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, understand
    it very well.
  • Depend on other resource like Rita’s ”PMP exam Prep”.
  • Solve PMP exam questions as much as you can.
  • Discuss project management topics with others


Print out the application section of the PMP or CAPM Credential Handbook. Read through the applications and make sure that you understand what is required.

As soon as you feel comfortable you can go online and fill in the application. The good thing is that you don't have to do it all at once while you are online. You can save the application and come back at a later date.

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5 reasons why to use an PMP exam simulator

Here are 5 reasons why an exam simulator should be an essential part of your preparation for the exam.

Reason #1: You can practice under test conditions

Taking computer-based exams is a relatively new thing, and it is probably not how you took exams at school. A PMP exam simulator will give you the opportunity to practice with the computer-based format before you have to take the real thing. You can have a go at a sample exam at home or at work and this will make sure that you know what to expect on your exam day. Use a simulator to get acquainted with the simulated testing environment and all the features that it offers, like the ability to mark questions for review.

Reason #2: You can experience a 4 hour exam
Under exam conditions you will have 4 hours to answer 200 questions for the PMP exam. Four hours is a long time to sit in front of a computer answering questions, so it is useful to have the experience of what this feels like before you take the real exam. A useful part of your PMP exam preparation is to take a full sample exam with a full set of 200 questions. You can use this practice time to test your time management skills. Check that you have enough time to complete all the questions, and that there is still enough time left to go back and check any that you have marked for review. This will give you the confidence to know that you will be able to make it through all the material during the actual exam.

Reason #3: It helps build self-confidence

You would never take a driving test without having driven a car, would you? It's the same thing with other types of exam. The more practice you have at the format of the exam and the content of the questions, the more confidence you will have that you will be able to take the real PMP exam and pass successfully. Using a PMP exam simulator gives you the opportunity to review your learning and check your abilities. Once you have tried several sample exams in full exam mode, you will know what to expect and have the self-confidence you need to tackle the PMP exam head on.

Reason #4: It enables you to check your learning

Using an exam simulator is, of course, not the only test preparation that you will do for the PMP exam. You might have chosen an online course, books or maybe even a classroom-based course to supplement your own reading and study for the exam. An exam simulator provides the advantage of verifying that you are able to apply your PM own experience and the concepts you have studied to realistic exam questions. In other words, you are checking that you can translate the theories and ideas you have learned into a good chance of success in the exam. Becoming a PMP, however, is about more than just passing the exam: you should be able to apply the concepts to the project you manage at work too. But a simulator will give you a chance to check that you have understood those concepts accurately.

In addition, using a simulator will expose you to a variety of scenario-based project management questions, and understanding these short scenarios and being able to apply personal experience and the concepts of the PMBOK Guide is what the exam tests.

Reason #5: It fits around your schedule

Don't let a busy scheduled be an excuse for not spending time studying for your PMP exam. An exam simulator is a great solution for busy project managers. PMP exam simulators are available either to download and install on your PC, or they are available online. If you are often traveling or want to make use of downtime, choose a simulator that is accessible online from anywhere and you can use those moments stuck at airports or between meetings to fit in some study.

Preparing for any exam requires you to dedicate time to studying. The PMP exam is no different, and you can increase your chances of success by preparing thoroughly and using a PMP exam simulator. This will give you exposure to the format of the exam questions, experience of a full practice exam and working under test conditions to complete it, and the opportunity to build your self-confidence before you take the real PMP exam.

This article was written by
Cornelius Fichtner, PMP
President, OSP International LLC

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